Reviews for "Submachine 10: the Exit"

The game is an amazing finish to the series! It explains so much about the machine and how it became what it is. The notes that delve into the human psyche as they deal with the machine add a certain level of reality to the series that I feel was lacking before. I may not fully understand all that went on, but I feel that it's sort of supposed to be that way. We don't learn every little thing about every character mentioned because the focus of the game is the machine itself. I feel that it's an interesting mix of both an in-depth look at certain instances and the focus of the submachine. The conversations tie in well with learning more about the machine and explain a lot about the situation. I will say that my one critique is the size of the game. I honestly think there should be a way to teleport back to the portal because some of these sections are so big that I spent most of the game figuring out where I am and where the thing I'm looking for is from my position

Just finished the game, what can I say! it's the end and a master piece as always. the non-linear access made the game seem bigger than it actually is (more exploration!) I do admit there were puzzles that i won't be able to solve without walkthrough. but that is just the right place i wanted to be.
Thank you Mateusz-Skutnik for the awesome 10 years trying to piece the story fragments together. Now back into the light house! (a strange request, is it possible to post a more Chronological back ground story on Elizabeth and Murtaugh? just to make sure i understood the story correctly)

The most ambitious game in the series, it's huge and a little difficult too, but like every chapter in the series it's an amazing experience and I enjoyed every second of it. The atmosphere, the music, all the misteries you have crafted this many years in this surreal story, comes to a beautiful end. I applaud you!

The ending of a saga of masterpieces. challenging and profound. Now that it's over, there is a submachine shaped hole in my submachine shaped heart.

I haven't yet gotten to finish the game, including all the secrets, and using many of the unused items which I ended the game with. But I hope I'll have the time soon. Or perhaps I should just leave this game where it is.

Given that I have only one review, and one review only, I will leave my best thoughts here.

But through all these many years, the game is finally complete. I think the first one stunned us all. I doubt anyone could stop playing it, and you continued its legacy through the next eight. Each one still somehow drew from an endless supply of mystery and filled it into the game, but somehow never making it old.

The conception of submachine is profound. I can't think of this game without all of its wonder tied in. Very few, and within those few, very infrequently has anything that anyone has ever created in a game or visual medium ever been so captivating because of its curiosity, and its wonder. But somehow submachine is more than that, still.

I cannot believe that this is the last one. Submachine, even at its end, still creates a universe in its ending.