Reviews for "Submachine 10: the Exit"

epic as expected.

and since it answered the questions I wanted, a fitting conclusion.

I look forward to more work in different projects... like possibly another Daymare or Covert Front game

Or something totally new in the fantasy genre perhaps?


My face is a waterfall right now! I can't believe it's finally finished. I guess all there is left to do is a Submachine marathon. Thank you for the beautiful artwork and amazing story.

Well shit, I'm just not sure if this is worth playing anymore, there's way to many things to keep track of and it's getting complicated. But as always, perfect artwork, programming, theme, detail, interactives, maybe I'll keep coming back at it whenever I have time.


My mind is officially blown.

I admit I had to use a walkthrough to figure out certain areas, but it was worth it. All of it. This chapter is just HUGE and it makes sense being the grand finale of a series spanning 10 years. The circle closes, ready to resume anew in perhaps another cycle.

Submachine has been an incredible influence on my own work-in-progress concepts. Fantastic mind-bending series that has rewritten how a point and click game should play or rather, experienced in all its facets, down to the enigmatic lore, the exploration, the puzzles, and the desolate void within the infinite network.

Thank you for this adventure, it's been a blast ever since the Lighthouse.
So long, Explorer.

The artwork is definitely good, but I don't think I could call it outstanding. The music is background ambiance, again good but hard to call exceptional. The puzzles don't rely too much on pixel hunting which is a plus, but they mostly are the usual sort of point-and-click find objects and figure out where they go, with some parts requiring more in the way of puzzle solving to get through. The storyline is a mish-mash of stuff having to do with dimension jumping in a universe whose mechanics are only semi-explained, with the explanations coming mostly from notes of text. Considering each of those things individually, I'd give the game a rating of "reasonably good".

And yet I just played through all 10 episodes including this one, and all I can say is holy shit this series in general and this finale in particular is simply amazing.

You've somehow managed to create something that's far greater than the sum of its parts, and I'm just as baffled at how you did it as I am about the workings of the submachine in the story.