Reviews for "Submachine 10: the Exit"

This took me over THREE HOURS to beat so I recommend to anyone about to play the game you keep a pencil and pad with you to draw a map or write where things are, it's easy to get lost.

That being said this was an immensely satisfying end to the series with tons of callbacks to the earlier games. Puzzles were at times hard to think of but none were dumb or impossible. Art and the ambient music were beautiful. Biggest complaint is all the backtracking but that didn't affect me too much other than the part with the fuses.

I don't actually know what to feel. I basically grew up with this series, this all feels so nostalgic to me. Congratulations on this masterpiece of worldbuilding. I'm amazed how you managed to bring new game mechanics to each new installment. Welp, maybe I'll find better words after I've slept a night over this development.

Oh my god! After 10 years, there will be an end? it began in an "Basement" and an invisible arm. and after years of playing (it did not only feel like years, it was years!) I still had no clue what was going on. But I liked it, and I even did the loop!

Well... seems like I have to say goodbye to my boss, I have to replay 9 parts and then start the final one. I hope it's worth it! (If not, I will make you create an alterative ending, and have the fun of playing it once more... muaaahaaahaaa!)

my god so after al these years finnaly an end to it i always loved playing these series !

YESSS. It's great to see your another little masterpiece. Welcome back, man. It's been too long :)