Reviews for "Submachine 10: the Exit"

This final game... just perfect! I've loved the series from the very beginning, so many years ago, and i can't believe it's finally over. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful universe!!

Love the final scene: Mateusz bidding us farewell as sunshine_bunnygirl_17 and Einstein look on. It felt nostalgic to revisit so many familiar places (with very different puzzles) from previous Submachines. I expected to find a hammer somewhere but was so engrossed it didn't matter. The finale of the best escape game series ever is an absolute masterpiece. Thank you for inviting us to travel through your universe, MS... a beautiful ending to an extraordinary journey.


It only took me 8 years.

What a wild ride. Thank you for this experience from start to finish.

This was an amazing experience!! Thank you for the series!

The final chapter to the Submachine series is here, and oh man does it deliver.

Just incredible. Bigger, better, and deeper then all before it. A true crescendo to the epic tale. The scale of this game is massive as well! So many great puzzles over a variety of layers in the submachine, its something that you cant go through fast even if you know the solutions, resulting in very high replayability. The story advances perfectly as well, continuing and wrapping up the deep story line. The sound, art, and animations are a great as ever too.

Absolutely loved every minute of it.