Reviews for "Submachine 10: the Exit"

A great ending to a complex story. While I might not have understood the whole journey, it's great the way you tied up the most important parts together.

The puzzles were solid and some of the best in the Submachine series, the only one i was frustrated with and hated was the loop puzzle because you had no control of where you were going, so it was basically constantly going through each room only to groan that it wasn't the room you wanted.

The artwork and sounds were awesome as usual. The soundtrack lends itself to recreating that feeling of being observed yet also the wonder of the Submachine.

Overall I loved the game, and a part of me is sad that the main series is probably over, but I have feeling we haven't made a full departure from Submachine quite yet. If you're planning on making more games like this, or making more games involving Submachine, I wish you the best of luck

This was pure art. By far the best point and click game on Newgrounds and definatelly one of the best of all kinds and time.

Thank you very much for the effort to bring this to us.

A huge piece of life, thanks [sir] Mateusz

Thanks for giving us a little over 10 years of Submachine, Shutnik. :)
It was a mysterious and exciting journey that we all went on and it felt so worth it in the end.

This game is HUGE. I am completely mesmerized by the whole Submachine adventure, I cannot express my feelings in words.Such a pity that it comes to the finale.