Reviews for "They Live: The Game"

Another nice work, you have talent + good taste for movies ;D

A fun game based off a great film.
The medals work, and I earned them all.

Awesome game. Captures an iconic scene perfectly. Fun as hell, too. RIP Rowdy Roddy. Nice work.

deathink responds:

Thank you very much Gooch.

this needs ALOT of work npc bullet damage is so high pc cant even fire two shots before hes dead...

deathink responds:

You can upgrade that later.

There is this unspoken rule on newgrounds that you have to mandatory give deathink 5, or else you'll get the hose again. But I also give extra 5, because I like X-Men, and Genclops has Cyclops as an avatar.

At first, the game was confusing, and I was massacred mercilessly, while also earning medals.
Then, I was sad that I had death penalty, but later I realized that you can escape the bank and thus
gaining points. Then I wondered, how do you get x8 combo, and later realized that you have to wear sunglasses, and that it's most effective when you use both special and sunglasses to have easy combos. And from then, it was easy as hell.

I love tributes to games, and I love retro / pixel tribute to games, which is why I love the (legendary) The Room tribute made by Fulp and co. I didn't know that Piper is ded. First Craven, now Piper.
The last 2 years weren't merciful for the greats, weren't they?

It might be also one of the longest reviews I wrote, and I wonder, if there is something constructive criticism that I can give, but there is none.

The only thing I do want to do, is to give advice to players - be patient, and don't give up early, and all rewards will be yours. Okay, now I can go drink beer.

deathink responds:

Thank you very much my man.