Reviews for "They Live: The Game"

Eh... I got used to the weird controls and managed to survive for quite a while by going up and down the stairs/ using the special every now and then... even used the glasses but everyone except for the clerk seems to be an alien. 2000 cash reward was still knocked down by about 1300 for the kill penalty which makes grinding for upgrades a pain (Especially since they went from 3000 to 6000)

I guess it's a statement on what the film was going for, controlling n such... it doesn't make for fun gameplay. It's an interesting idea though

Great idea, but lacking in the playability department.

looked interesting ended annoying.
instadeath, can't shoot the enemy, static comes far too quickly, wonky controls...

Unplayable: I've been shot from four time the range of my shotgun by a pistol of one of the "all the same" cops that seem it's the only enemy that you could find in this game in the only scenario existing in this obsolete game. Waoh... even behind the coloumn bullets reach me.
If this was a better game I could move a tip on how special call full screen might pause the game, just to not die while cannot see.

An awesome tribute game to a great man and a great movie. Would have been the full 5, but, no indication that leaving the building gives you all your money and no penalty is a big drag. In future should include this bit of info and should also have a larger supply of ammo.