Reviews for "They Live: The Game"

5 stars because i liked it all and more when u earn all medals we can saw OBEY xD

I experienced a problem. I came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and it seems I ran out of bubblegum. Is there a way to fix this?

deathink responds:

I'm sorry, there isn't currently a way to restock bubble gum via the interface, however, feel free to kick as much as you like in the meantime.


This name seriously needs a tutorial.

What is stamina for?

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Walkthough tips::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

-You need to wear sunglasses to do combo.

-You only need to do a single combo. Only the highest combo per level counts.

-To not get negative death penalty get out of the bank when you gather enough points of that you only have 1 heart health. The game is actually a survive game it never ends.

-Wearing sunglasses for long period of time stuns you. Roll to a safe point or remove sunglasses when it gets too blurry.

-Safe spots are the stairs,The flag and the other side of the column where the flag is at.

- The AI is stupid if you stand behind the column left side they will not shoot you from the back.

- Combo multiply score. So if you get a combo x10 and 10,000 score you end up with 100,000 if you get out of the bank through the door to not lose points with death penalty.

-A great way to get combo is at the start. Wear the sunglasses and shoot a the
sign(blue sign with Arrow ==>) it will move all the to the right corner killing lots of enemies in its way then roll to kill aliens in the right corner then roll again to the left and press A + S same time and move up and down to try to get x13 combo. hide behind the column and rank up 10,000 points to get last medal. A good way is to move back toward stairs so alien cops will move forward so they on shooting distance when you get out of your column cover. After you rank up 10,000 points try using a special and kill alien cops near entrance then just role none stop to get out of the bank.

with the tactics in my second playthough I was able to get 100,000 score with each enough to buy all upgrades.
The most important upgrade is resistant the more resistant the more time you can be wearing sunglasses then upgrade health.

The game was frustrating to me at the beginning till I figure all of this out then it was really easy.

It would been so awesome if you made a full feature game like the room instead of short mini game.
That move has way more interesting theme than the room and a lot of really cool content to use.

I really like the game, my only problem with it is the distance you have to be from the aliens to actually be able to hit them. They can hit you with their pistols from about 3x the distance than you can. Cool movie and tribute game. Would definitely play more if these issues were corrected.