Reviews for "They Live: The Game"

I REALLY REALLY wanna like this game but I cannot get a grip around the controls and I basically keep dying instantly. Im gonna keep it up for a bit but holy crap man, Id change that to be a little easier if possible. Someone below suggested making the reload automatic.

Well done,gents! We needed a tribute to Rowdy Roddy Piper and this one is just the thing! It's good,it has a good start with the best line,it's arcade-like which puts you into the mood of how old the movie is and so on and so on! Great job,5 stars!

A pretty decent game/tribute, too bad it lacks variety after several minutes.

The controls were kinda off, but when you get used to it you will kick a$$ like in the movie, the music is pretty cool and the graphics are very retro in a good way.

By the way, nice "OBEY"

The use of of static lines are annoying and the hit boxes are to small. And a death penalty? Something tells me that you cant kill the non aliens, but the static is so bad i can tell what should or should not be killed. Also the medals don't work for me.

Wish I could've given this a better score, especially since it's beatable, but I find the old TV scan lines to be way too thick. Then you put the glasses on, it's much worse! If I could see the range of the bullets, it'd have been a lot easier... maybe if they were colored red? Also found the cop's AI movements to be a little too aggressive, especially when it takes 2 buttons to fire.

I was hoping the game would be as sharp as the title screen :\ Otherwise, the game's laid out well, the medals work, sounds good, the ambiance is there... maybe too much ambiance for a gamer.

deathink responds:

Thanks for the review my man.
The scan lines should be the same size as in the title, maybe that's a glitch.
While I find the game play super engaging, and tailored almost specifically to my "action oriented" needs, I was very aware how this game would be received by the public, and most of the features that people would see as negative traits.
However, I don't really consider this a game. I consider it a satire, and complex fan art. Not really meant to be played to "beat", but just a short nostalgic thing to be experience. My goal was to just make people turn it on and say "how cool would it be if this was an actual real game".
I think people would really enjoy it more if they picked up on that. But honestly, its really flattering that people completely missed the fact that it was a mock game and thought that is was the real game.
And in the end (most likely because it was tailored to to me) I found the game play super engaging. But again, I am not criticizing anyone for not finding it so.