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Reviews for "INVOCATION"

I nevar trust magicians anyway,,,, XD

and this is why you never should try playing with magic books without puting down a protection cirkle first

Dame i feel as if u getting better cause this was real interesting like soooo interesting

Muy buen trabajo, te felicito.
Pero antes no tenia otra canción? Me podrías pasar el link de la antigua canción o decirme su nombre?

The ideas presented on paper sound pretty good but this suffers almost the complete opposite of issues that Miss Pink sweet suffers. In which alot of the scenes go on for too long and just turns in to a complete awkward mush. Any spookiness is thus lost because of that. Art style wise not much has changed in the unique department but despite that their are a few signs of style underneath the generic feel. Yes i do understand animations require alot of time and effort to make but still that wouldnt excuse the lack of style. There are alot of great and creative scenes though. yet they collapse due to poor timing. its feels a bit funny but the approach at the start made it seem like this was going to be a somewhat disturbing/serious rape fest. Now dont misconstrue that as me wanting that , but cmon ive played enough bible black to make that assumption. Overall i believe their is room for improvement and hope you can take some of the things ive said into consideration