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Reviews for "INVOCATION"

not bad

not your best work but I do like it and the humor fit in well. I can not help to think a few things on this. First... if he can do that with his tongue I would hate/love to see what his willy can do to her. Second was that demon make up sex jizz from the book or blood from the nails in his tongue? Third... I totally think she should have been dragged in as well to be the toy in that make up session! and then thrown out of the book covered in the said jizz... but that just me... any previews on what you have planned next? (maybe a strait, nonfatty and nonvore dragon animation, you never see those around. I've looked)

Your skill in animation leaves a lot to be desired. Compared to a lot of other animators, this is nothing special. In this day and age, I expect to see something better than this which should only be considered good by 2007 standards. As Kikoshou mentioned, the jank is distracting, and stuttering characters is distracting.

Now about this animations content. Nothing happened. What? Some kissing and fingering? That's it? You were building up to something and said fuck it right when it was showing promise. Not that your other content is much better considering it suffers from the same errors this one does.

Overall, I think you need to spend a lot more time honing your animation skills.

Alright overall, but it has extremely distracting jank in the animation from scene to scene due to not so much the lack of frames as much as the speed of the transitions in each loop. Everything from the way the tongue moves to how the girl shakes with fright snaps into position so quickly that it looks fake.

It doesn't help that everything is shaking in this. Every single character is stuttering in place more often than not that it distracts from the actual animation. Try not to have entire characters vibrate in place, and either keep them still or have only parts of them shake to accent movement when appropriate.

The animation is fluid as always, quite detailed and even funny, i was expecting some serious mauling but, i this was pretty much really good, based on this i'll give 4 stars.