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Reviews for "INVOCATION"

Wow there are so many porn on newgrounds for an "A" Rated movie :P


Newgrounds, changed my clasificasion +17, I do not know why?

LOL OMG his tounge had a terrible end XD

a pretty good animation and funny ending just the only thing is that majority of your characters have a weird shaking to them like they on that hardcore drugs

well this could be better.. the only nudity was the boobs and that's it, I'm sorry but I was disappointed and whatever that song was, really took it down.. way down.

It was alright, as far as hentai goes, it's disappointing. There's almost no real action in it. Just kissing, fondling and him rubbing her crotch (which it doesn't really show). aside from her boobs, there's no nudity. the animation is decent. A lot of the scenes were the same thing repeated for longer than they should've been. I often felt like it was waiting on me to do something and continued watching because I was hoping it was going somewhere. it wasn't. Without any text to lead the story on there wasn't much drama or suspense. An intro explaining what she was doing with the book, or a small bit of dialogue (or any reaction on her part) could've set the mood. the comeding ending ruined any drama or suspense, and took a long drawn out video and ended it quickly and suddenly. If you wanted it to be dramatic, then the ending should've been different. If you wanted it light and funny then the beginning should've been different.