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Reviews for "INVOCATION"

Well, guess you can say that girl got some "Tongue".

With nearly four stars I really expected a lot more
The plot was lame, so was the animation

This flash needs penetration without the Demon Girlfriend or wife stopping him Perhaps joining in a threesome to make it more interesting and suggestion of the woman getting collared forced to live out her life a sex slave

Your animation is coming along and this is really good. Maybe consider adding a scene selector?

I'm sure you read this very often but all the flash I've seen you make suffers a lot from characters shaking like mad, that's unnatural. And a lot of the scenes have no timing, everything seems to drag on too long. Time to step up your game man. This is lazy work to say the least. Do your best or don't do it at all. Ask yourself this, are you proud of this work compared to other flashes around?