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Reviews for "INVOCATION"

well nice animation but you still need to know more about invocations ....

For starters the intro was way too long, same can be said about many of the other scenes; they simply just dragged on for too long. Sound design leaves a lot to be desired. Best tip would be after animating everything, export a sound file of your project to an audio editor of your choice and lay down all your SFX, dialogue, and music on separate tracks, mix them together then re-import them to your flash project.

Everything about this flash is... okay, nothing really good, but nothing is terrible. If the animation was smoother, or at least less jerky, it'd get another half a star. The art style is fine, and the writing was as well, but that song is very unfitting for what's going on.

I am not into the whole rape thing when it comes to hentai (or in general for that matter), however the animation was impressive to me, and I can tell you spent some time on the boob jiggle. I say that mainly because I suck at animating and I work with video. The only time I ever animate is when I make motion graphics.

The intro with your name at the beginning felt a little long, I suggest making it five seconds max. The whole video itself felt rather slow.

I did like the end when the girl opens the book and the demon just creams all over her xD

I have seen another video of yours, and I believe you have potential. Keep it up!

you back ! nice >:3