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Reviews for "INVOCATION"

Not really that great. First of all it looks like shit, the shaking is more noticeable than anything. The music was the only really decent thing about this, and there isn't even a source for it. It doesn't even have a decent plotline to it, if people care about that. Some big-titted apparently mute chick that's dressed like a bimbo, with the tube-top and miniskirt, summons a demon who's tongue turns into a dude and makes out with her until another demon with tits shows up and brings him back into the book that was apparently holding them both prisoner.
3/10 Had interesting music.
N***a that's all it had.

Violent shaking, lack of frames, low quality drawing, no control over video (pause, play, skip to certain parts, etc.), low quality sounds. Overall needs improvement, not your best work.

Ave Satani! (Metal Version)

I really enjoyed the ending. Made me laugh. I'd enjoy it more without the shaking in the animation, though.

What's the music btw? Sounds really good.

The flash was pretty good by itself, but the end really got me xD