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Reviews for "A Christmas Quest"

Nice graphics... shame that the gameplay is poor. There is NO strategy AT ALL. All you have to do is to click either of the TWO attacks or once in a while a potion. I give it 4 stars because the developer really put some time in this game.

How quaint. It reminds me of the games I used to make in QBASIC.

Shame there's no strategy involved. Just keep clicking the attack button. Heal if you need to, I guess.

It would be better if it was much faster. No point in waiting around for long extended attack sequences that are all the same. Just click and immediately get to click again.

Nice Sonic battle theme.

Quite well made, but boring and unchallenging. It's very repetitive.

I just spent 5 minutes trying to find something positive to say about this game, which is the amount of time I actually played it before becoming bored with it.