Reviews for "A Christmas Quest"

it's a powerful game,im love RPG and this game is very BAD-ASS,great work ;)

Well this was an interesting RPG Christmas edition.

Well I love this game very much. I had no problems defeating the minions but some of the powerful units were very tricky without powerful equipment and wisely placing the skill points (I always go for equal until I have some left for 'attack'.) Would be better that I didn't have to collect coins after getting the powerful items.
Cool Christmas game.
Merry Christmas 08jackt

Pretty simple game, but Santa on a jet pack rules. He is on a jet pack right? Graphics were simple pixel art, but they work well enough. Liked the snow fall during the fights, nifty touch. Music is on point and catchy.

good game thanks for the medals.

JackAstral responds:

Thank you!

Fun addicting game.

JackAstral responds: