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Reviews for "A Christmas Quest"

thanks i <3 medals and Christmas xD

Nice game, but I think you should make it so that you do not have the see the credits every time you beat Santa. Also there should be a button to go to the home screen.

it's a powerful game,im love RPG and this game is very BAD-ASS,great work ;)

Well this was an interesting RPG Christmas edition.

Well I love this game very much. I had no problems defeating the minions but some of the powerful units were very tricky without powerful equipment and wisely placing the skill points (I always go for equal until I have some left for 'attack'.) Would be better that I didn't have to collect coins after getting the powerful items.
Cool Christmas game.
Merry Christmas 08jackt

Pretty simple game, but Santa on a jet pack rules. He is on a jet pack right? Graphics were simple pixel art, but they work well enough. Liked the snow fall during the fights, nifty touch. Music is on point and catchy.