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Reviews for "A Christmas Quest"

Great game. As what was already said, the only thing I would change would be to make the game a bit longer. There's no drive to reach any level higher than 15, unless you wanna max everything out just because you want to . There are no trophies for maxing out strength or reaching the best level so once you hit level 15, the replay value drops to almost nothing. Other than that, the game was awesome.

i love when the enemy is defeated and he continue to hit him! >:D

Nice game. Why need 3D badass graphics when you got simple rpg gameplay to keep things exciting. only beef is that it is kinda short. If you can add some more levels leading up to bad santa and maybe some level 6-9 weapons and maybe a super boss after bad santa, you can get a bit more out of it. Other then that, it a nice short rpg game. you should consider making something on a larger scale.

This is so addicting!

Haven't reviewed one of your games in a long time but I found this to bee one of your most enjoyable games. Good work!