Reviews for "A Christmas Quest"

While not a fan of RPG's, this still delivered the goods. It's probably because I could get medals so easily at first! I couldn't get that far when it came to actually being at a higher level. I found that to be a weird restriction. I mean, I would just die if I didn't have the experience, right? Well, maybe it would be too easy then.

I love how we're getting all this Christmas stuff lately! It's tons of fun! The music is quite good as well. I like the different kinds of enemies. Didn't know a goomba would be here.

I thought that the game was simple and a bit addicting. I would have appreciated a bit more music. I also encountered a bug with the medals; because I played a bit before logging in, I cannot get the greeny or candy medals, as I have already bought them.

this game is so addicting nice job i really like it on stage 3 i battled a penguin xD
dream come true haha

thanks i <3 medals and Christmas xD

Nice game, but I think you should make it so that you do not have the see the credits every time you beat Santa. Also there should be a button to go to the home screen.