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Reviews for "A Christmas Quest"

Umm..... Wow... Lol...

Your games used to be fun :/ This feels lazy and thrown together quickly for Christmas which made it feel like a chore to play.

would've give more than 4 if that miss ratio didnt skyrocket after adding like 3 points into attack, so, you know, it hurts me a lot when half of my attacks wont hit

Attack and defense skills are useless and this game punish whoever heavily invested into those junk skills.

Last one is soooooo hard but nice game!

Well, the introduction looked fine to me. The menu as well. But then it begun aaaand... well, unfortunately I was getting disappointed. The sounds and the music are all fine and great.
The graphics are.. matter of taste - I liked it! But then there comes the combat system and.. yea' not really my thing. First of all, the animations are not that well done - in fact, it looked ridiculous and was not really complex (although it does not have to be).
Besides that it is a good game, not perfect, but good.