Reviews for "A Christmas Quest"

fun simple game it's great but could you add a pause button when fighting and a flee button :3

Great job, man. The music was probably my favorite part, and although the combat was super simplistic, that's what made the game fun for me. Took only 30 mins to beat...Really great job for christmas!

It's pretty good, but I found the Golden Astronaut Token, and it won't give me the medal. Other than that, this game is pretty amazing.

Great game. As what was already said, the only thing I would change would be to make the game a bit longer. There's no drive to reach any level higher than 15, unless you wanna max everything out just because you want to . There are no trophies for maxing out strength or reaching the best level so once you hit level 15, the replay value drops to almost nothing. Other than that, the game was awesome.

i love when the enemy is defeated and he continue to hit him! >:D