Reviews for "Block Squad (mp Fps Beta)"

Plug-in is not supported

AidenStudios responds:

You need Unity Web player. This is a problem with your computer, not the game. Thanks

great game dude its like cod but more roblocks and minecraft ! but it does need more cod action and it could use a single player mode with a team deathmatch or deathmatch that will use the cpu,some new weapons,some vehicles, a create your character icon,some cool secret areas,a custom class maker and a map creator! other than that it is a awesome game and i rate five stars!

Love the game,
There is a lot of room for improvement but the original concept is very clean and playable.
Something i have noticed, on the most recent update you nerfed RPG ammo from 20 to 3 but i have seen that has only applied to one of the two teams so when i'm on a team i can have 20 RPG ammo but when i switch it goes to 3.
But i can't wait for any future experiences of this. And i hope they come out soon with only 1 developer.
At the moment 4.5/5

AidenStudios responds:

THANK YOU FOR REPORTING THE RPG BUG! Haha I noticed somebody kept repeatedly shooting their RPG and I thought they were hacking! I almost scrapped a bunch of code and would've redone them to break his hack haha

I want my 6 hours back.

Man great game i like the menu :D