Reviews for "Block Squad (mp Fps Beta)"

Why? Just WHY is it that I cant play. everytime I try to load it is says something about donating and 20 players blah blah blah and theres a button that says bank...... WHY!!! is that there... please just PLEASE answer me.......... Thank you... (Putting random rating)

AidenStudios responds:

Click "Server 1" or "Server 2". If you can't see that, try Zooming out your browser

i get a message saying this plug in is not supported

AidenStudios responds:


Excuse me, but...
Enough! I' am sick of this! Why you all do a tons of Minecraft clones. Why you just can't do something different, for example like a "Stranded" or "Do not starve".

AidenStudios responds:

This isn't a Minecraft clone? Only the graphics are similar, this game has nothing to do with building or surviving. It's not even Open world.

game has a lot of potential but it needs patched to stop hacking. everytime ive tried to play and enjoy the game some guy is in the game using a speedhack and noclip that makes him impossible to kill since they move so fast its like theyre invisible.

This game has plenty of potential but needs some improvements.
First, there needs to be more spawn points to prevent constant spawn killing.
Second, weapons need to be selectable from start, due to scrolling through weapons being sluggish.
Or you can map the weapons to the number keys(1 for SMG, 2 for pistol, etc.).

What's currently here is still fun, and I hope it continues to improve with updates.

AidenStudios responds:

I'm actually implementing a class system now, which will allow you to choose what weapons you want to spawn with :)
Also, I'm looking into different ways of spawn protection, one way being spawn areas only enter-able by your team, and another way by having the player spawn invincible for a few seconds. Thanks for the rating!