Reviews for "Block Squad (mp Fps Beta)"

Spawnkiller everywhere and a very bad game.If i learn English more i would write a novella about this

Great fun - impressive work. Is there any option to invert the mouse?

There is the proof of how the companies as EA, DICE etc etc abuse of us getting a new cod or Battlefield (the exact same game) every year for 60$ USD without any change of the gameplay, selling us expensive and excessive DLC which if we don't have them we can't play online

but there BlockSquad, the game where i can get more fun and excitement than playing a cod or battlefield WITHOUT SPENT A PENNY!

have very detailed graphics? no
have complicated and detailed maps? no
have manly characters and "deep" story? no
cost 60$? NO

gives a lot of fun without spent a single dollar? shit yes

best multiplayer game of the year for me, gives me a lot of fun with simple things, gives me the same fun as a game of 60$ (which doesn't worth it) loved it

simple issue: there are not spawn protection, i there are many campers on the spawn zone, not fair

Overall a so fun game, ignoring the low quality (i can understand, its a beta), the only demand i have to solve NOW to maintain the fun is solve the camping issue

what i mean?
in some point, the people starts to hide in the spawn of the opponents and kill them indefinitely, making that frustrating for those ones who wants a fair fun, and the victims don't have idea where they will be attacked and die again and again

propose solution:
when the player will spawn again, give him an point of view of the next spawn point, to see if there is a camper or something, or at least choose where will spawn

solution 2:
make inmunity to all until the player shot, or if the player moves make it a countdown of 10 seconds to prepare and fight against the campers

solution 3:
make the spawn area unreachable by the opposite team

AidenStudios responds:

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to look into being able to choose your spawn points, and if that doesn't work- making the player invincible for a few seconds after spawn.

Pretty fun,but really needs a no sound option