Reviews for "Block Squad (mp Fps Beta)"

Its good has potential to be great but the only problem with it is spawn camping its so easy to do on some of the maps. I would 10+ kills and 2 death by the end of a game.

Awesome Game.

AidenStudios responds:

Glad you enjoyed it!

yay ! another Unity3d game

it is the same thing as combat 3

AidenStudios responds:

This game and Combat 3 were made using similar assets. However, this game actually uses original models and textures, along with maps. Combat 3 ripped their assets. But you are sort of right, because we used the same took kit

Enjoyed this game a lot, addictive MP fun.

I've played the training (which was fit for purpose) and over 2 multi-player maps. One that seemed to be open free for all (death match) and one based on Omaha/Charlie (old school dod ;)) that was team based. I always have enjoyed CTF (Cap the flag) and TDM (Team death match) far more than just ordinary deathmatch.

Multi-player works without a hitch, chat works and it isn't incredibly hard. My ping (over a VPN) was good and I did connect to games (like I said) without a problem.

The weapon selection is good (Over 5 variations) and you can go to iron sights, however like the author say it is an open beta thus a bit buggy and sometimes going to iron sights or idling with a weapon (not shooting the weapon) seems to bug the graphics. Also the GUI does seem a little bit cut off, but I have had this before with unity player.

That is about all the major problems I have encountered up until now.

The weapons are varied to all situations, SMG is brilliant at short range but will not hit anything at far distance. The sniper rifle is very good at long distance but however takes a long time to reload and you do need an accurate shot. The RPG is pure fun and I haven't yet tried to rocket jump, but running round psychotically with a rocket launcher is fun nonetheless.

The game does need somewhere

Very nice game otherwise but definitely would loved to see this fully polished and developed.

Simple things like creating a menu for game modes, possibly customise the player skin (especially for DM?) customising the controls. Possibly adding medals?

Anyhow, very playable up until now!

Thanks author! 3.5/5 till now, 5 when you finalise it!