Reviews for "Block Squad (mp Fps Beta)"

Honestly, the Controls are so solid on this game it makes me feel like I'm really in the game, Maybe it's just the way I am, but I don't feel like I have to "Adjust" to the character controls, it feels incredibly fluid.

Don't lose hope my friend, it's a fantastic game, And I regularly check for players to see if the games gotten bigger yet.

Laggy :c

I would have given this 3 stars based on the build this game had just a few weeks ago. However, it went from feeling like a solid beta to pre-alpha non-sense.

AidenStudios responds:

I am confused, as the only difference between this build and the build from a couple of weeks ago is the login system and a new map.

to jest faina gra bende musia
ł to graci co dzieni

i dont wanna donate that screen dont get out i cant play so....

AidenStudios responds:

Click on "US1" or "US2".
If you do not see either of those buttons, zoom out in your browser.