Reviews for "Free Coins!!!"

The only thing this game is good for is givng you easy metals!

This is not a game. It's just trying out some code. You got it working pretty well, but I don't see any way to enjoy this. Sorry. It's just repeatedly jumping and gaining some coins. Got almost all the medals in one minute or so, but there is actually nothing that motivates me to continue.

If you showed me this in private I'd say "nice work", but now I'm reviewing it as a complete game, comparing it to other games here. Then I can't care about whether it's your first or hundredth game. As a game it's completely uninteresting.

How can I even get all the medals without moving at all?

I don't know what's more sad: That this flash-crashing monotonous pointlessly noisy irritating thing is somehow still on this site, or that I'm still playing it.

Terrible game but hey! Free medals!