Reviews for "Free Coins!!!"

Thanks for the easy medals.

You may want to put the audio file into an editor like WMM and lower its volume by at least half. The jump sound is fine. Though you may want to not have it play while in the air. And a mute button is always a good idea to have.

You should also consider expanding your game and adding upgrades and increasing the height significantly (Not physically but virtual height the camera can follow as you go higher) so you can have upgrades like higher jumps, a mid air jumps, faster coin spawns, better coin spawns (Adding high value coins). Things like that, it could significantly add to your games play length. Especially if you lower the value of the blue coin to 5 and take coins away when you purchase upgrades. The medals will give people a harder goal to get to the million coin medal. You could even add more medals this way depending how far you go with the upgrades. A gradual despawn would make things even harder if people can't just sit and wait for coins to flood the map.

It keeps freezing after collecting about 340k coins making it impossible to get the last medal.

Denisowator responds:

I know, I have no Idea what causes it. Sorry :(

But if your really want that last medal just tell me and I will Upload a hacked version where the blue coins give you 100,000 points. :)

At 300,000, flash crashed. The game is still simply grand!

Denisowator responds:

I know :(.

I have no idea what causes it.

It's easy and good

Denisowator responds:

Thank you. :)

Not bad for first game but i would suggest adding some kind of background music and maybe making that at start blue coins spawn about every 5 seconds and the amount of time needed to spawn would decrease as you gain more coins.But overall not a bad game to kill some minutes.

Denisowator responds:

Thank you for your review.

I'll think about those things when making games in the future. :)