Reviews for "Free Coins!!!"

Simple fun! For a first game it's not bad at all, though a progressive increase in coins, their values etc - maybe some upgrades along the way - would really increase the playability of it. Keep it going!


Denisowator responds:

Thanks for the helpful review! :D


I can run borderlands 2 on this computer on full graphics for everything and keep the framerate well above 80, no lag either, but somehow this game crashes shockwave flash..... then that fucks up my youtube. how does dis make senses?

I literally cannot see anything (black screen), but I'm still well on my way to 1000000 coins!!! But seriously, I don't know why it just blatantly refuses to work for me... >:(

so i decided to afk for a few minutes, i came back and it was crashed :D

The game was decent. There wasn't much on the terms of content on the game, but collecting every medal was fun. The controls were also smooth and worked well. I would have preferred some audio or any type of music input. The difference on how much you got from a blue coin compared to a normal coin was quite ridiculous. Not even worth trying to get the gold coins. The coin sound also get tedious quite fast, I ended up muting it. It was a fun game though and fun collecting all the medals.