Reviews for "Free Coins!!!"

Not bad for first game but i would suggest adding some kind of background music and maybe making that at start blue coins spawn about every 5 seconds and the amount of time needed to spawn would decrease as you gain more coins.But overall not a bad game to kill some minutes.

Denisowator responds:

Thank you for your review.

I'll think about those things when making games in the future. :)


it's fun.If possible,add enemies.

neat game, fun to play when you're bored. Seems cool but WAY TO F***ING EASY to get medals.(psssssst! Heeeeey! That dossssseeeeeent haaaavvvvve tooooo beeee aaaa baaaad thiiiiiinnnnnnng!)

P.S. (or for all u noobs, Post Script) I use stencyl to! But not sure if it's stencyl jam...

Thank you for added the "hacked" version. I was playing on the normal version and every time I got to around 230-250k my flash would crash. At least I was able to snag the 1,000,000 coin medal before it was changed back!

Denisowator responds:

Your very welcome. :)