Reviews for "Free Coins!!!"

It's fun, really fun, but it keeps crashing around 700K coins so I can't get that last trophy :/ gave it four tries.

It's kind of pointless...
Also, headphone-wearers, be warned.

The major game killer is what others have mentioned....for me when I reach about 340,000 the game crashes, therefore I cannot reach 1M

very messed up controls, but good try


It's hacked, has no depth, and JESUS CHRIST MY FUCKING EARS.

Denisowator responds:

I am going to report this review as first, you were using inappropriate language. Second, I did say in the description to "turn your volume down to 10% - 20% as the sounds are going to be annoying and/or irritating to your ears.". And third, I did say in the description that it's hacked "to allow people to get the last medal", because the game crashes as around 340K coins.

I Also said in the description that I'm going to change the game back to normal on the 15th, so in 4 days from this reply.