Reviews for "Free Coins!!!"

fun game to play for a few minets the medals may be broke they wont work for me but its fun when your borad

This is not a game. It's just trying out some code. You got it working pretty well, but I don't see any way to enjoy this. Sorry. It's just repeatedly jumping and gaining some coins. Got almost all the medals in one minute or so, but there is actually nothing that motivates me to continue.

If you showed me this in private I'd say "nice work", but now I'm reviewing it as a complete game, comparing it to other games here. Then I can't care about whether it's your first or hundredth game. As a game it's completely uninteresting.

All I see is a black screen. :(

Luckily the medals do work! :D

It's fine :). Just sounds are pretty annoying. Maybe some Upgrade system should be fine (more coins, faster spawn, faster movement, pretty hat, ...). But after all it's pointless... What's a point? Are we collecting money to buy arms for main character or what? :)

it's fun.If possible,add enemies.