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Reviews for "The Blind Swordsman"

Just about did the first swordsman, but the second has TWO attacks and when he attacks a third time there was fck all I could do.

I think there should, at the very least, be an audio representation graphic as a person's 2 speaker combination will not be clear enough when an enemy is in front of you.

I played this years ago, and i hated it, now, im playing it again and i love it, i can't pass the girl with knifes, but i will try more times, i defeat the first 2 enemies, and was like "OH MY GOD" like, something really hard, but possible, is really funny.
Great game 10/10 Is a bit hard sometimes (and i can't imagine how much hard are the next levels) but with practice you can get it! ;3

SickDeathFiend responds:

Rock on man! you can do it!

This game is pretty good and the blind swords man sounds a lot like lord ainz from overlord

it could have been so much but the blind gimick ruins it for me there is no clear directions

Holy shit I was confused because I had a black screen but when I read "BLIND" It made sense but this game hard af bro... great game but still old...