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Reviews for "The Blind Swordsman"

The only game i can play with my eyes closed. amazing.

I remember this game when it first came out. 2 years have passed since then. I have played countless games. I beat FTL, did the Gauntlet in Yakuza 4, finished EDF 4.1 in the hardest option.All proud moments in my gaming life. Many more as well. Yet none of those achievements compared even at the slightest, to the moment I killed the first encounter. The sense of beating something that I couldn't even see. You, my friend, have created a masterpiece of a game. I commend you.

I remember playing this game back when it came out on 2014. Played it again still difficult to know when it is the right time to parry and kill each and everyone of them. Though I am getting used to it now.

I tried, I really did. And no matter how hard I tried I could only get past 1 enemy. Still, an improvement from when I last tried this game. Still, even though it is impossible for me to beat, I adore this game because of it's difficulty and new concept.

This game tests my skills and wits, so I like it.