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Reviews for "The Blind Swordsman"


Great game, if only I had surround sound headphones...
JUST MAYBE I could pass this first stage, but for right now I'd call it a medieval Segway of the Dead.

i cannot complete first level how to block that fucking attack

Pretty good creator game has a few bugs but not bad overall

hey creator great game but i found a glitch/bug the game crashes/makes flash/the animation crashs idk which specically after a few hundred kills/ a certain number of kills i know because at about 193 something kills it crashed/ started getting veryu slow at this point but didn't entirely crash and i was able to get the scoreboard in survival and keep playing just fine but above that at idk which point but i was going for the 250 kills medal in 180 survival and it crashed at somepoint i don't know when but i died at 353 something kills and the game completely crashed my proof is just to look at the leaderboard i'm arthur933 #7 just trying to help you possibly improve the game but it is a shame now i have to work my way back up to 250 kills for the medal and a higher leaderboard spot but o well its a fun game i could play anytime so no problems here thanks for the great game