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Reviews for "The Blind Swordsman"

I had finished the game before the medals came out... but i'm back, i loved it to hell before, i'm still loving it, the idea is fresh, original and unique, this is a masterpiece, a tough, hard, and unforgiving masterpiece.

This won't even load properly in Chrome and the turning controls don't seem to work at all in Firefox. Otherwise neat concept.

simple game, parry before the hard part of the scream, when he releases his strike, then you hit, if he didnt die, do it again with different timing, hit before or after blocking, just by knowing this you wont finish the game just like that, you still need to master your timing, but I loved it

Man this game freaks me the hell out everytime an oponent is going to attack. That charge and voice acting really make me nervous. I mean it's good, really good.

The concept is great and that you actually have to rely on your ears is amazing, scary too, but really cool. I'm still trying, probably will for a while. Definitely more than just a game. There's some trial and error, but defeating an enemy feels like a feat, feels good!

Great game, you'll shit your pants every time you hear the enemy charging in...

maybe give a hint on how to hit someone? I mean I have only been using parry so far...

I don't think I've made it far enough but ok...

Evil-Dog responds:

it's kind of the point to figure out their patterns