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Reviews for "Labyrinth: SoS"

Very fun, well made game. Addicting, good controls, and cool mechanics. This may just be me, but rockets alone make the first few bosses easy. I tried to hit bosses when I ran out of ammo, but I would take damage whenever I touched them, and being on top of them was the only way i could get a hit. As I said, very fun, my only issue was the boss thing.

PestoForce responds:

Thanks for the review, glad you had a good time!

This game is DAMN good! Helpful hints below, but first, the ONLY problem I really see with this game is that when you have the jump bonus, it is nearly impossible to slip between two blocks that are around a single gap. As seen here:


+ O

When double jump is active, it is very difficult to jump up and slip in that space.

How for some hints!

- First, DON'T DIE! You will go back to level 1 and lose all of your bonuses! Also, don't accidentally hit "R" at ANY TIME because that will do the same thing.

- Don't blindly pick up all the caps because if you have a good one and you pick up a lesser one, it will replace it. The order goes as follows: Rusty = 1, Stone = 2, Golden = 3, Daft Punk (Blue) = 4 and its the best. If you get Daft Punk, skip all other caps.

- Glide is VERY useful, one of the best bonuses. When falling long distances, slow yourself down before hitting the ground.

- Rockets are better than Grenades. Don't pick up Grenades if you have Rockets. Greades are harder to use. They are better at blowing up walls to ascend if you don't have the Block Breaker bonus.

- When exploring the map, especially if you don't have Jump Bonus or Double Jump, start out by going up as high as you can. Go left, and if you find an area where down is the only way to go, check the right side and go up as much as you can and sweep back and forth so you get as many bonus crates as you can.

- On some boss maps, the arena seems to have an area above you can get to but it seems impossible with the way the walls are formed. It IS possible to get up there by cutting an area out of the wall and using grenades to blow up the ceiling, HOWEVER, I have never seen any bonus crates up there, so don't waste your time.

- If your game is running slow, close all other tabs and any unnecessary programs you have running and the game will DRASTICALLY speed up. There isn't really a need to inrease his running speed, though perhaps a sprint option could be included in the sequel. Double-tap a directional key and run, with a stamina indicator underneath the "mana" bar that prevents constant sprinting. Options for more power-ups, too. (Faster sprints/more stamina.)

Hope that helps! To the creator, this was a GREAT game! 4.5/5 for sure! Keep it up! Games like this MAKE Newgrounds!

PestoForce responds:

So happy to hear you enjoyed it. Every boss level has hidden nooks and crannies with loads of crates, though sometimes there are more crates in those spaces than other times.

This must be by far my favorite Newgrounds games in quite a while for all the right reasons: the game's randomly-generated levels and super-tight controls all blend together for a solid experience, and while exploring a maze, collecting upgrades for your character in a Kirby/Binding of Isaac fashion is definitely fun, the iffy combat (sometimes you have to attack bosses at point-blank range by swiping at them, which is dangerous) and odd habit of giving you a weaker/the same item even within the same level can feel a bit weird (I found a weaker helmet after obtaining a better one previously, for example), all in all, the game is an absolute win, and another enjoyable addition to "Armor Games", or whatever it's called.

This is spelunky but slower and without the puzzles,still awesome through

i love it