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Reviews for "Labyrinth: SoS"

This game is AWESOME, Love the design, love the gameplay, love the challenge and the cruelty that comes with it of a Roguelike. It's entertaining as hell and it's one of my favorite games lately. Though sadely he suffers some flaws, the fact that the upgrades are so fast to get (I got nearly all of them by level 2) the fact that the bosses are basically all the same, and that the Ammo is easy to find you can easily kill a boss by spamming rockets or grenades at him. All of those are flaws yes but they are not really bothering me as much as the lack of progression. You arent rewarded at all for finishing level, the cutscene is the exact same cutscene and then you do it again, the levels arent particularily more challenging when you advance and your character doesnt evolve. And that's what kills it for me. It would have been so good if you just added some more cutscene or did something to help the player fell like he is making any progress.

Anyway great game.

PestoForce responds:

I agree, the sense of progression is lacking. We have some ideas that would help resolve that for a sequel.

Excellent game. However, the bosses can be defeated easily by these methods :

1 : Save your rockets

2 : Spam boss with them

3 : ???

4 : Profit

PestoForce responds:

This made me laugh out loud (or smile secretly to myself)

Man, this game is awesome! I love the graphics, the music, everything! The player character is adorable, the enemies are really well designed, and I love the boss fights. I also love the roguelike additions, such as randomly generated levels where you keep going until you die. I really wish games nowadays would be more inventive like this.

PestoForce responds:

Thanks man, glad you liked it!

Basically a good 16bit old-school looking game...
Just wondering what exactly is the hero ? ..sometrhing between cat, dragon and little devil ? :)
One thing i didn't like - i lost all the collected perks and upgrades cos i had a little lag and i land in a lava pool...i was lvl 6 :D and it's all gone now.
Anyway, thumbs up !

Even though the game might not get any updates anymore or stopped getting them as soon as it was finished,perhaps an acid immunity item should be added (but split into 5 fragments). Also the music gets a bit repetitive,so maybe a dungeon type based music if possible? Otherwise a good game that I still play sometimes