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Reviews for "Labyrinth: SoS"

Well I guess the important things have already been said.
There many great things you did put together in a great mess. And it's fun doing stuff with it.

Now GO BACK IN YOUR BASEMENT and make an awesome game out of it ;)

PestoForce responds:

Messes lead to innovation! (or something)

Game is really nice, but have some things that can be improved:

Nothing new, but with the music and the animation kinda reminds me the old good games like Ninja Gaiden. however i dont feel im doing some kind of progress because every boss i defeat have the same ending so idk if this game have infinite dungeons or some few levels like 6- or 10 (atm i have beaten the 5 castle) dunno you can add different endings for every castle like Super Mario World. my point is: make player feel they are doing progress because honestly with the same ending i feel kinda dissapointed or not progressing at all.

With the boss and the story telling music is Awesome, but with the dungeon levels feels kinda... boring, first level was ok i feel like "well is the first level going to get better as soon i progress" but i have to hear the same music over and over again that make me tired of exploring the level because the music get you bored after the 3 mins you hear it (well after lvel 1) dont get me wrong its not like the music its bad. but a bit more "heroic" music or "exploring" or "adventurer" music a bit moving would be pretty good.

i dont complain they are pretty awesome and the character is nice, everything feels pretty flud and found a pretty nice mix between bright and dark colors i dont have nothing else to do. nice graphics fits pretty well with the game.

controllers are pretty nice here everything responsive so you dont have troubles with the game like other games i have played here.

is not something new in terms of platformers, but thats not bad becaue this game is fun, exploring trying to find the orbs to reach the exit its nice, but soon you realized is the same thing but you get used to it, once you get things like grenades or block destroyer you can get trought the Locked blocks and reach the exit (hower idk if that have some kind of influence in boss because you didnt destroyed the boss, since well i explore everything in the room looking for weapons and power ups). idk if intended that players can reach the exit without destroy the orbs first.

Power up its another thing i would like to talk, on my first level i feel like maybe those boxes under blocks are reachable trough a hidden path, i got dissapointed that i wasnt able to reach it until level 3 i got grenades so now i can destroy blocks. you maybe want to change that in order that dungeons generate arcoding of what kind of power up you have, this only not help to make everything in the dungeon recheable also help to make players use everything the have in order to get more goodies or explore the entire dungeon, so in this way you know you can do this with everything you have collected.

also what annoys me is fall damage, the game is the kind of game you like to play in a speedy way jumping and feeling like you are an hero, falling damage take that away and only is annoying which make you play slowdown until you get glide or double jump, hope you consider remove falling damage. another thing about jumping its that sometimes dungeons generate that kind of jumping of block over block which is kinda hard to do when you have a block over you not impossible but annoying to do, also double jump when you want to go trough a hole which have a heigh of 1 block dont let you get in unless you glide (and that if you have it thats why i said dungeons should generate according of what kind of power up you have) also wouldnt be a bad idea if you can make the heigh of the jump according of the time i press jump i mean if i barely press jump i should barely jump,

Bosses well.. i like how they have different patterns, but the firsts boss like genie was kinda... hard to do deal since i only have close up atttacks and he spaming jumping slimes and have to get trought the acid pit was kinda tedious to deal, luckely i beat him with 1 bar left. second boss was so easy that i dont get hit at all maybe you should consider move the first boss to the second stage and the second boss to the first stage, because at second stage i got many power ups that help me agaisnt him.

The game is nice. just need a feel improvements here and there. but its not a bad game at all. its a nice game to spent sometime on it if you are looking for something to do.

PestoForce responds:


its fun but maybe a tad bit on the easy side. i dunno maybe i got lucky and just had really good stuff from the get go...

;-; dat time when u kill the boss and have a nice stuff...then come dat perfect jump to the green stuff...just ouch skills

meh frirst the controls are better if they are wasd and if you die in the first boss you cant continue