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Reviews for "Labyrinth: SoS"

Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland was one of the first games I ever played on NES. This game really captures its essence - everything from the face on the little guy as he jumps, to the sound effects and music, to design of the baddies, to the keyholes near the end of the level, to the physics of jumping. It's a great homage, with some interesting new tweaks (like getting overheated), and is a real walk down memory lane! Very well done.

PestoForce responds:

Ha ha, I did play that game on the NES, but I never made a conscious connection between the similarities... wow! I need to revisit Little Nemo!

A very good game! Nice music and art ( it reminds me the Harry Potter soundtrack for Game Boy).
Excuse my terrible english.

PestoForce responds:

Click Genclops' links on the left over there to hear more of his stuff!

Great game, good art and music

PestoForce responds:


Please just keeping making more games like this! Its amazing! The environment the music the flow and the graphics are just outsanding!!

Pretyy good game though oddly familiar for some reason.

Since the game is pretty good, most of my review's criticism will be nitpicks but I still hope that you'll find it to be interesting and helpful.

The graphics are pretty good, though not as varied as they could be ; the main character is wonderfully designed though oddly familiar (I feel that he might have featured in another game before but I can't seem to remember which one) and both very cute and nicely animated. The enemies are an odd mix of cartoonish and dark that work pretty well, actually.

Graphically, I guess the only real problems are regarding variety ; although there is a small variety of tilesets, the backgrounds are extremely repetitive and there is an odd shortage of enemy designs. The bosses are also mostly reskins of one another, being almost identical to one another. If I have a nitpick, it would be that the main character, althoug it has a special idle stance for when your stamina is low, lack one for low HP. This feels oddly familiar given all of the tiny little animations he got for almost every type of action he can make.

Audio-wise, the game is a mixed bag Though the sound effects are largely appropriate and help give the game a good atmosphere, the music is extremely repetitive and sound a bit too close to Final Fantasy 1's soundtrack (NES version) in many ways, which does not really fit the game, I feel. The music is not bad per see but I feel it could have been different especially given the game's story and general style.

All of the above are not the reason I decked a star off the game's score though.

Variety is vital in a roguelike game and the difficulty must be balanced as to prevent things from becoming either unfairly difficult or easy. I feel the game suffer from balancing issues and has a severe lack of variety.

Mostly, the main levels are far, far too easy with all of the difficulty of the game being concentrated in the boss fights. With only three types of extremely slow and largely harmless foes and no hazards except for high drops and the occasional acid pool, there is a severe shortage of hazards during the exploration phase. Only the acid pools pose any real threat and even then, they are largely nullified by the gliding and flight abilities. Death drops do keep platforming interesting... until you get the high jump boots and double jump, which increase the tolerance to fall damage to such levels as to make it a non-issue.

All of those add up to make the exploration phase exciting for the first few levels while your character is still lacking in power-ups... but once you've gotten all the power-ups, your character is so powerful and the game introduce so few hazards that they serve as little more than opportunities to restock health and ammo between boss fights.

The problem here is that the main character grow disproportionally powerful and apart from the 'acid pool beyond the edge of the screen' trick, the game has no real ways of endangering the character. Given most of the game is spent in the exploration phases, this is a major bummer.

In terms of actual power-ups, they are given extremely quickly and easily and apart from maybe armor experimentation, there are no negative items, no item traps, no mines in boxes, nothing to threaten the player. The game is also extremely generous with the power-ups ; I only had one game where I faced the first boss without most of the power-ups and at least one attack-up or at least rockets. This wouldn't be a problem if the game scaled quickly, with the dungeon growing dangerous enough that you need the power-ups to survive but unfortunately, this is not the case.

In particular, the block breaker power-up is extremely broken and basically relegate the grenades and rockets to boss killing duty only.

I think it would be a good thing to make items and power-ups have a durability and eventually be destroyed over time, making it useful to find spares during the game.

The game could also use extra traps and/or enemies. The game got snails, bats, and cyclop frogs of sorts, with only the bats being particularly aggressive and none being very swift or dangerous. None even shoot projectiles., This wouldn't be a problem again if they were meant to be dangerous when mixed with traps... but the game got none apart from acid pools. It would be nice to have hazards in the stages.

Regarding the boss fights, although there is a nice variety of weapons that the boss character may use, I was disappointed to see that there is only one type of boss. This caused the unfortunate side-effect that after only a couple of levels, the bosses begun to repeat a lot. I also noticed that the game's main difficulty was mostly in throwing a large number of bosses at you simultaneously later on while boosting their HP.

Regarding the game's story, it was simple and to the point and the cutscenes were quite cute. However, I felt the game needed a sense of progression or at least, a definitive ending. I feel that it would have been nice to actually have a story mode of sorts where there is a limited number of levels to complete and an endless one with infinite levels... or at least, if the game gave you an ending based on how many levels you beat before failing.

Extra nitpick: might have been nice to have the game aknowledge the way your character is done in instead of a generic 'you died' message for every possible way to die. Maybe a little picture detailing your character's final state/fate based on the way you failed or just a different message?

Despite all of my nitpicks, this is definitely a very fun game and I'd definitely like to see this cute red little dragon/demon thing get into more adventures in the future.

(P.S. As stated above, the main character is definitely familiar. Has he been used in a game or movie before this one?)

PestoForce responds:

I agree with most of your critiques, lots of ideas for improvement in a sequel! Not sure why he seems familiar, afaik he's an original here.