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Reviews for "DayZ: "Elektro Disco""

Never played it, but I like the concept of this series plus your art style and humor just makes it great.

WooleyWorld responds:

Lookin like an A+ from old BlackWaltz. Thanks.

Now this looks like a hilarious new series.
Too bad I never played that game.

WooleyWorld responds:

Definitely give it a go. Its going to be perfect once they patch it.

I think you should bring up a siciopath into the story. On every Dayz server there is a Sociopath who doesnt wants to kill you but just wants you to do his sick little games...

WooleyWorld responds:

Ive seen some shit, man

I believe that every dayZ player has come into contact with pantsless bandit gangs, add that In and it's even more awesome :D

great vid

WooleyWorld responds:

Thanks Xero.

Awesome. I liked your old animations, but I always wished you had longer ones like this. Great voice acting and writing. I don't get all the joke because I've never played the game, but it was still funny and entertaining. The music for that one scene was also good. I'm looking forward to the next episode! Great job!

WooleyWorld responds:

Glad you liked it, Plasmarift. I wanted to make a longer episode so I could fit a lot of stuff into this one.
I think it paid off.