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Reviews for "DayZ: "Elektro Disco""

Really good, the animation is superb, all the "retarded" felling to the animation was AWESOME, i loved the frying pan, and a good voice acting.

hahah! the fucking frying pan cracked me up. great work man

WooleyWorld responds:

A looot of people liked the frying pan. I did too.

I love this!! it thoroughly animted!! and the zombies are always an awesome thing to go with! i like how u didnt go with the sterotypical"retarded parody" thats always seemed to be favored on this site.. this actually is funny in some parts..but for the most part its awesome!!

WooleyWorld responds:

Haha. Thanks a bunch, man.
I tried to really make it pop with this one.
Wait for Episode 2.

5 stars why? Because you guys rock!!!!!!!

WooleyWorld responds:

Thanks, fellow.

I've seen some of your drawing (arts) and "Movies" i'm enjoying them, pretty good drawing, the voice acting is not bad either, I'il be sure to look foward to your next Arts/Movie's

WooleyWorld responds:

Good. I'd like you to.