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Reviews for "DayZ: "Elektro Disco""

your obviously ALOT better than me at this. the mouths your draw are often wide. not that theres a problem with that.

WooleyWorld responds:

Well you're just getting out so you've got plenty of time to get up to speed. No worries.

Did... did you zombify Shaggy? Holy crap man.
Pretty fun vid overall. Looking forward to what else comes up in the series.
DayZ looks pretty fun.

WooleyWorld responds:

A lot to come. Just you wait.

WooleyWorld is a god

WooleyWorld responds:

I wouldn't sayyy Gooooddd... but thanks.

Love it love love the comedy, when will we get episode 2

WooleyWorld responds:

Weeeelll I'm doing Sex Hair II at the moment. Theeen idk... :p
Lots a things to do, but it'll be along. ^_^ Reception was impressive.

Liked the humor.Keep it up and keep 'em coming!!!

WooleyWorld responds:

Just for you, Kovo. 0_0
Thanks a bunch.