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Reviews for "DayZ: "Elektro Disco""

Never really played DayZ but I get the feelnig zombies are nothing more than a minor inconvience compared to the trolling players out for the giggles of killing each other because its the only real challenge.

WooleyWorld responds:

It used to be such a nice community... We used to all have each others backs.
Now Chernarus is just one giant bar fight.
They're adding NPC bandits and stuff like that now though so it makes you want to group up with players.

I like the timing. The short has a good rythm. Felt that some moments could have used sound cues, any perhaps try some camera movemens on some of them action scenes like a very slight pan or zoom before a quick camera cut or motion. Or if you have another idea to add anticipation. Scenes, like animation itself, might need a bit of anticipation to really feel organic. This is pretty small though. I liked the expressions and your VAs did nicely. I wish I knew more about the game in question but I was still satisfactorily entertained.

XD Oh my god, Wooley, you've cracked me up once again, this is just hilarious, I loved it when they rolled and used the bush glitch, especially that person that dissapeared "1337 HAX" Oh and, I saw zombie Shaggy from Scooby Doo...Dat ending.
Anyway, this was just amazing, I expected there to actually be less, but you made more than I thought you would've, and that just makes it even better, your art fits everything perfectly, and the characters match the voices pretty well too! I'm hoping to see more of this series, because it's great. :3

WooleyWorld responds:

I'm reaaally excited to get to the 2nd episode.
I'm glad you liked it, I think it came out pretty nice.
A lot more people saw Shaggy than I thought would. I want to put more little things in episode 2.
Take it easy, thanks for the review.

This movie/toon was pretty good. Not great, but good.

The voice acting was pretty bad, except, of course, for Joshua Tomar's introduction here. But coupled with the bad mic quality with some of the voice actors, it makes for some really awkward moments with some of the characters. I mean- you COULD make the excuse that the mic quality is bad because they're playing an online game, but I call bullshit on that one.

The animation is pretty alright! I like it. It's got style! And I don't know why, but I think it fits the world of DayZ very well for some weird reason...it's just...simple. I like it, even though I prefer more detailed animation.

And the last thing I feel like placing neatly in this review is this: I want a shot-gun frying pan in the full version of DayZ. That is all. Good day, sir.

WooleyWorld responds:

"It wasn't quite shit, Grant" Haha.

"Because they're playing an online game" Haha. Can you imagine that excuse...
What makes you say the voice acting was bad? I'm curious. PM me. Was it the delivery, the quality? Which ones were specifically bad? You've got me alll curious since only a few people have brought it up.

I knew I'd have to do a more real, but detailed, background style than the usual. But I wouldn't have time to get too real. I feel I met a nice middle-ground.

Everybody loves the frying pan... :]

I've always wanted a pump-action frying pan oh the times we could have had the certain death it could have saved me from

WooleyWorld responds:

I keep mine under my pillow...