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Reviews for "DayZ: "Elektro Disco""

yep pretty much

Awesome work! The atmosphere does build up in this, glad it takes its time to introduce the place and the workings of characters here lurking. So many random things going on too, and that zombie with an arm stuck in his nose, lmao, details that make a difference. :D Looking forward to the next part!


WooleyWorld responds:

Lol... that's my neighbor. I told him I'd put him in.

It's really funny and it has a ton of good jokes in it.

WooleyWorld responds:

Thanks man. :]

good humor and knowledge of silly stuff from the mod, cant wait to see more of this

WooleyWorld responds:

Oooooo. Glad someone saw that this was written during the time of the mod.
Yeah this was written about a year. Thanks for the review.

hmm...a movie about an online zombie survival game...I love it. Art look great, animation was smooth as usual, music choices were fit the moments. and the Humor was very spot on. Also, I see that Shaggy didn't survive. Makes me wonder who he had as a Scooby snack. Overall, great movie, and I can't wait for the next installment.

WooleyWorld responds:

20 bucks to whoever finds zombie scooby in episode 2.......