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Reviews for "Spanthera"


danishgoel responds:

Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed it

Good graphic and sounds!

Nothing new... But a great package overall!
There are dozens like it, but not quite as good: graphics, sound, and last but not least the humorousstoryline. Above all, I enjoyed the playability, i.e. I was able to hit where I was aiming after a few shots, whereas some other games of that type are hit'n'miss even with a fair amount of practice.
The game doesn't get the full five stars, because of its lack of original content, but if there was to be only one game of the type, this one should be it!

danishgoel responds:

I am glad you enjoyed the game, and thank you very much for the kind words.

Like said before, nothing new but the whole package is really impressive. Artwork, voice acting, story. Continue like that...

Great game!
Great spear!^^