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Reviews for "Spanthera"

Thoroughly enjoyed this! I loved the voice-acting paired with this game format. I have not seen that done before. Make a sequel!

I loved this game, and I'm usually not too much of a fan of these "try to get this thrown object into this point" games. The voice acting was excellent, although I wish there were more cutscenes. I finally got all of the stars, although a few of them I ended up getting out of sheer luck. No real complaints, and I hope to get a sequel.

I really liked the game. It was challanging. not too long, yet not too short. I liked the story too.
Got all the stars at all levels.

Gusar- To get all the stars you have to use the minimum amount of spears. You don't always have to snipe a lizard to kill it :)

This is cool

I like this game,but it needs more stages.