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Reviews for "Spanthera"

Great game, 100% in about 20 minutes though, a little short but I understand the amount of bloody effort needed for physics in flash. Great job!

Hilaryus and original. Very fun and addicting, the intro, the parody to 300 and the lion king,the voices and dialogues,make your game very enjoyable. Thanks for this.

Really a good game. Seriously thanks for creating the game and i tell you you are a good creator!

danishgoel responds:

Thank you very much for these kind words, and I am glad you enjoyed playing Spanthera.

awesome and quite addictive! :D

Nice perfect little game. Runs smoothly, funny, well animated, nice drawings, good background music and nice voice acting. Got all the medals and aced some records. Thank you for Spanthera for it is good !