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Reviews for "Spanthera"

Very well made, animated, designed, and voiced. the fluidity of the motions and gameplay is top notch. the difficulty factor is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay up there because you have to get the throws perfect if you want 3 stars on each stage. definite replayability for those willing to put in the time necessary to get perfect scores on each stage.
5/5 5 stars

danishgoel responds:

Thanks a lot for the kind words.

I liked very much, congrats!

An amazing game. Well made, good quality in every aspect. I cant seem to get all three stars on the last two missions though.

I enjoyed this type of game for the first time, like really. The audio, gameplay, lenght, difficulty, everything was so perfect! I'd give u 6 stars if I could :)
p.s I just couldnt get 3 stars on level 23 and 29 even though i got all the headshots and i hit everything with only 1 attempt is it me doing something wrong or the game?

best game ever :D make a second part or something , i just want to see more of this !!!