Reviews for "Lost Outpost"

Not bad but yeah I can't reduce quality so I can't play. (Yes my computer isn't very good.)

Squize responds:

There's a quality setting in the options, and it defaults to low quality anyway.
( In saying that it is a demanding game, it may struggle on your machine with everything turned off in the options ).
Thanks for taking the time to play it.

Please allow us a way to reduce the quality. I'm on a laptop and the lag is really throwing me off.

the game is perfect.
the atmosphere is great, music, lights, sound... everything. It is much better than a lot of games i neend to pay for.
Yes it has a lot of bugs and lags, yes, sometimes it runs too slow but... but i get a lot of fun playing it.
thank you for this game.
and another thanks for the story written in messages.

Squize responds:

Thanks ( Let's just ignore the bugs for now yeah ? ;) )/

what do you destroy when your at the reactors n the robotsuit while he opens the door

It's alright, kinda hate how the character slows down then go back to normal speed. It's really annoying, feels like the game is lagging..